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J.Q.Smith; Major Edmond Mallet

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Tulalip Agency; Tulalip Indian School




Major Edmond Mallet

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July 9, 1877

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Department of the Interior

Office of Indian Affairs

Washington July 9th 1877

Edmond Mallet

W.T. Indian Agent

Tulalip Agency



I am in receipt of your communication

of the 14th inst, in which you ask instructions as

to the disbursement of the $3000. appropriated

by Congress for the support of an Agricultural

and Industrial School at Tulalip Agency.

Of this sum your state $1800. has been

appropriated to the pay of Teachers, leaving but $1200. for

subsistence, clothing etc. of the children, and

that in fact there are two schools, one for Girls and

the other for boys, for the maintenance of which

the appropriation is not sufficient.

By reference to the monthly school reports I

find that there are about fifty (50)

boarding pupils equally divided between

the sexes; this return is made upon a single

blank, indicating but one school.

Please report whether there are separate

schools in separate rooms, and with different

teachers, and if so here after transmit separate

monthly school reports for each.

In view of the demands upon the

appropriations for non-treaty schools this office

cannot afford you any additional aid

for educational purposes. The products of

the school farm, and to a limited extent

(subject other demands of the agency) also

that of the agency farm may be used for

the subsistence of the Boarding school, and

each subsistences and annuities as the

boarding pupils may be entitled to

independent of the school appropriations, may be

issued directly to or for their use in the school,

in which case the parents should not receive

a duplicate of each issues. A slight excess

of each pro rata amount may be issued to

maintain the school if consistent with

other exigencies and your judgment

approves it. For the mode of expending the

balance of the appropriations for subsistence

and clothing of the pupils you are

referred to "Instructions to Superintendents and

Indian Agents" commencing page 3 of

which a copy was mail to you July 1st

inst. this reference also applies to your question

relative to needed repairs to the school-house,

as to which you were advised by Office letter

of the 14th ult. The necessary kitchen

utensils you require may be included in your

estimate for subsistence, clothing, etc. to be

submitted, and if the Croquette set and

football will conduce to the attractions of

the school, there is no objection to your

purchasing them; I fear there will be

little margin left for agricultural

implements, but in view of the limited amount

of funds at your disposal for carrying

on this school you should make such

a careful estimate as to the various needs

that each will receive its due proportion

and the whole work be made as efficient

as the means admit.

As a further aid I send you two

dozen "Easy reading lessons" for the use of the

younger pupils; of the receipt of which

please advise.

Very respectfully,

Signed J.Q. Smith



Letter to Indian Agent Mallet from Indian Commissioner




Government Relations with Native Americans, Mission school supplies, Agency supplies, Office of Indian Affairs, J.Q. Smith