The Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste d’Amerique (USJB) was founded on May 7, 1900 in Woonsocket, RI. The USJB was a fraternal organization for Franco-Americans living in New England, and other states with large Franco-American populations. The USJB promoted the social and moral welfare of its members, helped their sick and poor members, as well as the relatives of deceased members. Assumption University has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the USJB. The USJB provided monies for the construction of the college's La Maison Francaise building in 1955, and their funds had an instrumental role in the creation of the College's Institut Francais. In 1991 the USJB merged with Catholic Family Life, now Catholic Financial Life. The archives of the USJB was donated to the d'Alzon Library from 2007 to 2013. It is an eclectic collection of materials relating to Franco-American life in the early to late 20th century. The archives contain the history of the founding of the USJB and documents many cultural events and gatherings sponsored by the USJB for nearly 100 years. Types of materials include photographs, print and microfilm Franco-American newspapers, scrapbooks, artifacts and family histories. For a list of materials in the archives visit


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