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Attleboro, Massachusetts. Possibly one of several photographs from different sides of same building owned by the USJB. This side of the building includes store fronts. Barber pole is in front of one side of the building. Building is on a tree lined dirt street in a residential area. The roof of the building is corbeled. There is no date on the photograph, possibly circa 1920's. Stamp on front reads "PHOTO BY JEROME J. PATTEN" Four people are standing/sitting in front of building and neighboring building. 2 men wearing dark suits and hats, leaning on two different trees. 2 girls or young women wearing plaid dresses, one sitting on steps of neighboring house, one standing in front of store front with a baby carriage. 9.5" x 7.25"

Identified Places

Attleboro, Massachusetts

Approximate Date

Circa 1920's


Jerome J. Patten

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Exterior; Full-length

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See additional file for information on back of photograph.

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Buildings, Store Fronts, Fraternal Organizations


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