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Our research focuses upon the impact of museum-quality exhibits about mental health, and developing a model to allow for their multiplication and optimization, both in museum settings and locations capable of reaching a broad audience. We hypothesize there is opportunity for growth in positive mental health, at the individual and societal levels, through the educational and emotional impacts of exhibitions that showcase topics on mental health and mental illness. Our research focuses upon curatorial investments into exhibits about mental health that are accessible to the public, and excludes limited accessibility ventures by museums into art therapy, yoga, etc.

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This poster was presented by student Alexandra P. Orlandi and faculty members Paul M. Piwko and Adam M. Volungis at the 58th annual meeting of the New England Psychological Association (NEPA) on November 10, 2018 and at the 100th annual meeting of the New England Museum Association (NEMA) on November 8, 2018.