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Photograph of dozens of American Indian school children wearing school uniforms, and several priests and nuns standing in front of the large wooden structure with a steeple. Gilt-edged.

Identified Persons

Rev. Martin Kenel

Identified Places

Agricultural School Standing Rock Agency; Fort Yates, Dakota; Standing Rock Agency

Approximate Date

circa 1888

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exterior; full-length

Original Item Medium

Imperial photographs

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Handwritten on back of photograph, "Mallet, E. Inspection of the Standing Rock Agency Fort Yates, Dakota (1888)" and "Agricultural School Standing Rock Agency From Rev. Martin O.S.B Superintendent." Imprinted in gold on back of the photograph "Barry Photography Bismarck and Standing Rock, D.T." Handwritten date of the back of the photograph is 1888, but it is impossible to know when this photograph was taken before it was given to Mallet.

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Scanned from a photograph at 400 dpi in TIFF format using a Sinarback eVolution 86, Sinar M, and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop, and imported as JPEG2000 using CONTENTdm's software JPEG2000 Extension. 2015


Native American Schools, Priests, Nuns, Agricultural School Standing Rock Agency


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