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Photograph of dozens of American Indian school children sitting on staircase leading to front door of the school. Seated, wearing school uniforms. Several American Europeans standing at top of the stairs or on the ground next to the staircase, including, men, women, and children. European Americans at top of stairs are dressed in formal attire.

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Kiowa, Comanche and Wichita Agency at Anadarko

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exterior; full-length

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Boudoir photographs

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Inspection_of_the_Kiowa,_Comanche_and_Wichita_Agency_at_Anadarko_ (1889)


Handwritten on back of photograph, "Mallet, E. Inspection of the Kiowa, Comache and Whichita Agency at Anadarko (1889" and "Kiowa School Anadarko, Ind. Ter."

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Scanned from a photograph at 400 dpi in TIFF format using a Sinarback eVolution 86, Sinar M, and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop, and imported as JPEG2000 using CONTENTdm's software JPEG2000 Extension. 2015


Native American Schools, Native American Reservations, Wichita Tribe, Kiowa Tribe, Comanche Tribe


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