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Photograph of several wooden buildings including a large main building with a porch. Students are visible at a distance standing behind picket fence surrounding the main building. Horse and buggy seen outside the fence with several people in it. Handwritten caption reads, "St. John's William Welsh Memorial School"

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Cheyenne River Indian Reservation; Fort Bennett; St. John's William Welsh Memorial School, South Dakota

Approximate Date

circa 1889

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Inspection_of_ the_Cheyenne_River_Agency_at_Fort_Bennett_Dakota


Written on back of the photograph: "Mallet, E. Inspection of the Cheyenne River Agency at Fort Bennett, Dakota (1889). Inspection probably occurred in 1889, but the date of the photograph is unknown. The size of the photograph is 9"x 7 1/4" that is matted to a 12" x 10" cardboard stock.

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Scanned from a photograph at 400 dpi in TIFF format using a Sinarback eVolution 86, Sinar M, and enhanced using Adobe Photoshop, and imported as JPEG2000 using CONTENTdm's software JPEG2000 Extension. 2015


Native American Schools, Reservation Schools, Cheyenne River Agency, Fort Bennett, Dakota, St. John's William Welch Memorial School


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