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Identified Persons

Horace R. Chase; Major Edmond Mallet; Nils J. Skoog; Secretary of the Interior

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Genoa Indian Industrial School; Genoa, Nebraska


Major Edmond Mallet


Secretary of the Interior



Approximate Date

February 9, 1889

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Draft of letter

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U.S. Indian Inspection Service
Genoa, Nebraska, February 9, 1889

The Honorable
The Secretary of the Interior
Washington, D.C.


In my investigation into the case of
misappropriation of public funds and property by
Superintendent H. R. Chase (suspended) of the Genoa
Indian Training School, I find that [[strikethrough]] all the
Weigher's Returns (Form 5-176; Certificates of Inspection
(Form 5-134 and [[/strikethrough]]
many if not all of receipts for Beef delivered under Contract
(Form 5-210) given to Nils J. Skoog, contractor, for beef
delivered [[strikethrough]] during the months of December and January
last [[/strikethrough]], contain misrepresentations of fact in the weight and kind of
meat delivered.

[[strikethrough]] ?[[/strikethrough]] To [?] may be violation of law
I now report on the two accounts that are not yet
settled by the accounting offices of Washington.

1.The December 1888 account is for 4.870 lbs
of beef; the books of Mr. Skoog show
that he furnished 3.850 lbs of beef,
18 turkeys falsely charged as 300 lbs of beef and
some lard, which Mr. Skoog tells me Mr. Chase
insisted on paying [[strikethrough]] as by falsely [[/strikethrough]] by the same
method as the turkeys. [[strikethrough]] Mr. Chase admits this ??? [[/strikethrough]]

2. The January 1889 account is for 4.151 lbs;
the books of Mr. Skoog show that he furnished
3.926 lbs of beef and 140 chickens falsely
charged as 225 lbs of beef.

The above mentioned accounts were prepared
by the school employees upon memoranda furnished by [[strikethrough]]??[[/strikethrough]]
the superintendent. Mr. Skoog is represented to me as an
honest Swede who is entirely ignorant of American systems
of accountability and [?] to do wrong intentionally.
He has a large unpaid account charged to
the school for lard, &c.

The November 1888 account contains more grievous
misrepresentation than the others, and will appear in
my general report on the [?] which I
am now [?].

Very respectfully yours
Edmond Mallet
Indian Inspector

Draft of Letter to Secretary
on Skoog a/c

February 9, 1889

Correspondence from Major Mallet to Secretary of Interior




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