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Major Edmond Mallet

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Tulalip Indian School; Tulalip Mission

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October 1876

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To Major I. E. Mallet
U.S. Ind. Agent
Tulalip, W.T.

Dear Sir!

Permit us to manifest our most sincere pleasure in welcoming you to our midst and especially to our school.

We feel highly honored in being visited by you, dear sir, for whom we have already learned to entertain a most profound esteem and respect, because we feel convinced, you have our welfare and also that of our relations and friends sincerely at heart and are actuated by a feeling of true christian charity in becoming our guardian and protector.

We therefore behold with a feeling of deep regret your present state of ill-health, but hope and pray, that God, who in His infinite wisdom and goodness has chosen you as His representative in our behalf, will restore to your perfect health and strength.

May your lot, being now cast amongst us be replete with happiness and Heaven bless and guide you in the discharge of your arduous duties is the most sincere wish and prayer of the children off this school.

U.S. Indian Service
Tulalip Special Agency
October 1876

The School Boys.

Address read to the Agent on the occasion of his first visit to the school

Address read to Indian Agent Mallet on the occasion of his first visit to the Tulalip Mission School




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