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Spring 2022


Throughout the past decade, mental health challenges of college students have been a concern across the nation. Due to the overwhelming stress and pressure put on today's students, suicides on college campuses have become more common, even in Worcester. Within the past year six have died by suicide. Colleges around the area have been attempting to provide extra resources for students who show mental health concerns. However, one of the best ways to learn about the mental struggles of students is by learning from the students themselves. While I spent time in an emergency mental health ward, I was able to create a poem that depicted my suicidal ideation formed within the past year. This piece of writing was created in hopes that a student's perspective of mental health struggles will inspire others to act and consider new initiatives to stop student suicides from occurring.


Project is a product of two presentations from two separate classes: ENG 209 Creative Writing and HRS 241 Prevention and Intervention Strategies. Faculty Mentors: John Hodgen and Cinzia Pica-Smith