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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

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Political Science

Second Department


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Faculty Advisor

Geoffrey Vaughan


I believe that there is a correlation between musical taste and political affiliation, based upon my experience in the church and as an observer of the congregation. By asking individual people -- such as choir directors, organists, and theologians -- about a correlation between political affiliation and liturgical music taste, I believe there is enough of a pattern to deserve study. This pattern I am looking for should exhibit some shared interest in the subject at hand, some examples of the congregation liking or not liking particular music, or further information that I can explore. After interviewing those workers of the Church, I will delve into the development of liturgical music across the ages, observing their connection to what my subjects have said. Finally I will examine the data and come up with a conclusion on the correlation between liturgical music and political affiliation.