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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Biological and Physical Sciences

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Faculty Advisor

Laura Marcotte


The goal of this research was to express and purify Cellular Retinoic Acid Binding Protein Type 1 (CRABP1). CRABP1 binds to retinoic acid in the cell and shuttles the retinoic acid from one area in the cell to another. The overproduction of CRABP1 appears to be problematic because it can sequester the retinoic acid and prevent it from regulating gene expression. Previous studies have shown that increased levels of CRABP1 can result in tumor-promoting activity and disruption of lipid biology in the cell. Our objective was to express this protein in an inducible bacterial system, so that we could purify the protein and characterize its functions in vitro. Initial work to express the protein using a cloning vector and inducible promoter was unsuccessful; however, we were able to clone the crabp1 gene into other expression vectors and will test transformants for inducible expression in future experiments.