Graduation Year


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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts



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English with Concentration in Writing and Mass Communications

Faculty Advisor

Michael Land


College students, London, England, Foreign study


Creative nonfiction is a genre that consists of dramatized, true stories. They are portrayed through literary elements commonly used by poets and fiction writers. These elements include dialogue, a replication of scenes, character development, and detailed descriptions of setting and interior thought. Creative nonfiction allows the writer to find meaning beyond his/her experiences and reflect on universal and personal issues.

When I set out to write, I intended on writing one longer story that brought each individual experience together. As a final product, my thesis stands as a collection of different trips and events that all contributed to my time in London. Breaking up my thesis into separate chapters has been a visual representation of what the semester was like for me: I've captured distinct moments that can stand as independent pieces. But I've also joined them based on themes of self-discovery, nature versus city, and vocational exploration.

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Nonfiction Commons