Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies

Faculty Advisor

Susan Scully-Hill


Attitudes of parents, Parenting, Internet and children, Computers and children, Computers and families


The present study examines how parents view the role that electronics play in their children’s language, physical, and social-emotional development. Children are growing up in a world where technology is incorporated into many aspects of daily life. It has become an element in how children are parented/raised and it is believed to have an impact on children's development. An instrument was developed to survey parents about their perceptions of the role of technology in their children’s lives. The survey was distributed to 120 participants. The participants comprised a convenience sample of parents from a New England childcare center with children ages 1-8 years old. Findings suggest that parents do not think the use of electronics is promoting children’s development in the areas of language, physical and social-emotional development. However, the results reveal information about how parents might use electronic technology to promote language, physical, and social-emotional development in young children.