Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Natural Sciences

Faculty Advisor

Leo Rodriguez


Holography, Physics, General relativity, Black holes, Dilaton gravity, Weyl gravity


Many high school and college students are required to take physics, but few actually learn to discover the mysteries of the field, because they are too busy trying to memorize equations and solve "plug and chug" style problems. Looking into the calculations and equations of physics, a holography can be seen within the subject. This holography can be discovered and made accessible to general physics students, by studying the duality that exists between Electricity and Gravity. Furthermore, the concept of mass in physics (MADM) can be calculated, within this holography, for various black holes along with the orbits of massive and massless particles. This concept of holography allows physicists to break down complex problems. This research demonstrates how holography can translate information from 4D General Relativity to 2D Dilaton Gravity.

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Physics Commons