Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Art, Music and Theatre

Program or Major


Faculty Advisor

Donat Lamothe


Catholicism, Christianity, History, Liturgy, Musicians


Within the Catholic Church, there has always been a need and a strong presence for music. The need for music has changed from being simply something listened to by all and sung by a few to involving everyone to sing together and participate in liturgical celebrations. There is great richness to be gained from an increased awareness of music in the Church, and many important lessons can be learned from the historical progression of liturgical music. The effect music has had on the liturgy has directly affected the congregation based upon their needs. The central questions addressed within this thesis relate to why Christians sing at worship and why Christians worship with music. The answers to these questions will be provided by an analysis of the three main periods of history within the Church: The Church at the Beginning of the Middle Ages, The Reformation, and The Second Vatican Council. Through this analysis, one will realize that music is an enjoyable part of life, gaining a better understanding of what music can do within worship, and realizing the great impact music has had on the Catholic liturgy.