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Honors Thesis


Sociology and Criminology

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Angela Kaufman-Parks


The goal of this thesis is to first provide a greater understanding of the barriers Latino immigrants face in the United States and whether these barriers differ based on factors such as biological sex, age, education and employment statuses, country of origin, and length of residency in the United States. Second, this thesis will highlight Latino immigrants’ resiliency and how they attempt to overcome these barriers in hopes of achieving success and well-being. Third, this thesis will discuss what types of assistance, if any, Latino immigrants have found most helpful in contributing to those areas of success and well-being they have experienced in the United States. Fourth, and finally, this thesis will conclude with policy recommendations the United States should follow in order to ensure that Latino immigrants are treated with fairness and equality, not only for their own success but also so that they may continue to contribute to the United States, enriching its diversity and allowing the country to thrive in a variety of domains.

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Sociology Commons