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Honors Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts


Biological and Physical Sciences

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Anthony Sacino


The studies in this review have shown that VEGF increases tensile strength, decreases inflammation, and increases vascularization. In studies using exogenous VEGF, it was found that VEGF increases collagen type III fibers, which increases biomechanical strength, and improves graft revascularization. From the research, it can be concluded that endogenous injection of VEGF is more beneficial than exogenous due to endogenous not causing laxity of the connective tissue. VEGF is beneficial when compared to normal post-operative results due to it decreasing the duration of symptoms and decreasing healing time. Using VEGF injection treatments, patients can return to pre-injury activity at a higher rate than those not using VEGF treatment. Together, these studies show that the use of VEGF in tendon and ligament healing should be further utilized in future therapies.