Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Political Science

Program or Major

Political Science

Faculty Advisor

Gregory S. Weiner

Second Faculty Advisor

Bernard J. Dobski


In my thesis idea of Defensio Reipublicae I intend to analyze the founding of the American republic, while also briefly touching upon the history of republicanism in the Roman republic, in order to formulate a defense in support of republicanism. By looking at sources of the foundation of the United States, as well as political philosophy, I plan to lay out why republicanism—as a form of governance—is a prime choice for the self-governance of human societies. Sources such as the Federalist Papers, scholarly articles, political philosophers like Montesquieu, Locke, and Machiavelli, in addition to the expertise of my advisor, President Weiner, will be very useful in the application and presentation of my thesis. Defensio Reipublicae is intended to show that—although imperfect, as all manmade creations are—republicanism is a great form of government for humanity in the past as well as the modern world, allowing the body politic to effectively and peacefully govern itself without the overbearing control of an autocrat, despot, majoritarian faction, monarch, or an otherwise tyrannical regime.