Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Faculty Advisor

Caitlin M. Stover


For students pursuing a nursing degree, exposure to implicit bias during their educational program is as concerning as the lack of training to acknowledge and conquer the development of implicit bias. Both facets can root negative attitudes and behaviors in the student nurse that will be carried into their practice throughout the healthcare system. It is a professional obligation for the registered nurse to be aware of implicit bias and understand its strong connection to increased risk of mortality, health complications, and other adverse health outcomes, especially in racial minority patient populations (Maina et al., 2018). This thesis contains a concept analysis of implicit racial bias, using the method described by Walker and Avant (2005). The definition of implicit racial bias, including its attributes and characteristics will be examined. Example cases are provided to further clarify the concept and a comprehensive review of the Implicit Associate Test [IAT] (Moon, 2011) is explored as a means for providing an operational definition and empirical referent. Understanding how implicit racial bias negatively affects interactions across the healthcare continuum is emphasized, with a concluding recommendation for nursing education to take necessary steps in the effort to prevent implicit racial bias attitudes and behaviors in the nursing profession.