Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Biological and Physical Sciences

Faculty Advisor

Benjamin Knurr


This research centers around a millifluidic device designed for the analysis of flowing chemical reactions that may happen too quickly to be analyzed by traditional spectroscopic methods. The device works by combining two simple concepts: fluid flows a certain distance over time and chemical reactions progress over time. Combining these allows for the correlation of reaction progress and distance through the device. Since the flow within the device is laminar, there is friction along the walls of the channel that creates a flow profile that elongates over time. The details of the flow were previously unknown but are necessary if the device is to be used for future chemical kinetics research. This paper studies the nature of the flow by creating a simulation and an experiment to measure the laminar flow head. A spectroscopy calculator program was created to accompany the device that allows for an accurate prediction of spectral data to be collected using the device. The work presented here will be used to guide future experiment choices for these millifulidic devices.

Included in

Chemistry Commons