Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Art and Music

Faculty Advisor

Lynn Simmons


This paper will explore the history of Cubism, the inspiration of African art on Cubism and the influence of Cubism on African American artists. When Cubism was established, it became one of the most significant artistic movements to happen during the early twentieth century. As Cubism made its breakthrough, it allowed for artists to step away from the traditional artistic style and step into abstract geometrical visuals. One of the things this paper focuses on is the style of African art, and its strong element of geometric shapes. Those very elements were influential to certain artists’ work in the style of Cubism. With the help of African art, Cubism had a certain defined style that increased its abstract uniqueness. One will see that the characteristics and components of Cubism influenced some African American artists to create their own Cubists composition. This paper is serving as an introduction to my own creative project. Therefore, I plan to produce my own art, contributing to the African American Cubist tradition.