Graduation Year


Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Program or Major


Faculty Advisor

Kevin Hickey


Ground source heat pump systems, Environmental aspects, College facilities, Worcester, Massachusetts


This thesis researches the possibility of a renewable energy project specifically for Assumption College. As the school is already investing in solar power, my study looked at the feasibility of a wind turbine or geothermal heat pump unit on the campus. I conducted interviews with various institutions that have already undertaken similar projects so that I could better understand the process of installing these technologies, to discover possible funding that could be available, and the success of this technology in other schools. The economic advantages and the positive impacts on students and the neighboring communities were some of the benefits considered. I also conducted interviews with engineering and design companies to create a cost-benefit analysis. The thesis explains the pros and cons of the wind turbine and geothermal heat pump to determine the best course of action for Assumption College to "go green."