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The CASE Journal


Case-based teaching, Teaching methods, Student engagement, Student participation, Management education, Undergraduates


Research methodology

Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used to test the effectiveness of the case exercise process as it relates to increasing student participation and engagement. Surveys were used as a data collection method where students self-reported their participation.

Case overview/synopsis

This research paper argues that class engagement and participation is a process that must be learned by students. To this end, it presents a case exercise process designed particularly for the introduction to management class that helps students to learn and apply management theory while increasing their engagement. While each element of the process is not new, the integration of the elements into a process that is structured and repeated throughout the semester adds value to student participation. Empirical data demonstrated that students increased their participation in classes that used the case exercise process over traditional lecture classes.

Complexity academic level

This paper is relevant for faculty members seeking to use case exercises in teaching undergraduate management courses, particularly introductory management courses.




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